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Quality Control

Stainless steel is used in the most wicked environment which normally  full filled with very high/low temperature,corrosive material.The quality is so important.Zhejiang Bnjis stainless steel Co.,LTD  implement compelte quality control,Fromraw material to finish production,with international standard inspection laboratory.Our laboratory can perform all the test as below.

1,Hydrostatic test(HT)

2,Eddy current test(ET)

3,Ultrasonic  test(UT)

4,100% X-ray test(RT)

5,Chemical composition test(including metallic elements and non-metallic)

6,Intergranular corrosion test(IGC)

7,Impact test(including low temperature impact test)

8,Flattening test

9,Hardness test(HRB,HBW,HRC)

10,Tensile test

11,Elongation test

12:Expansion test